Rihter is aware how importance our customers are, therefore we comply with their requirements and wishes with all due responsibility.

By installing certified materials and a professionally and technologically perfected implementation, we regularly demonstrate to our customers that we are a trustworthy partner.


For all our construction systems, we have obtained the European Technical Assessment which is the basis for marking our houses with the CE mark. The obtained European Technical Assessment (ETA – 14/2011) confirms that our products meet the essential requirements in the areas of mechanical resistance and stability, fire resistance, protection against noise, energy saving, and protection of the environment and hygienic and health security.

rihter-certifikat-passivhaus-miniThe Passivhaus Institute in Darmstadt awarded us a construction standard with which we certified our Rihter Pasiv construction system.

The certificate confirms that the Rihter Pasiv system meets the strictest criteria required for achieving the passive standard.

rihter-certifikat-ISO9001-miniAt the company, we have implemented a quality management system and in 2008 we confirmed it by obtaining the quality certificate according to the SIST EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.

By entering foreign markets, in 2007 we standardized the materials and obtained the German RAL Gütezeichen quality mark in order to ensure easier operation, competitiveness, and acquisition of customers.

rihter-certifikat-ue-a-miniIn Austria, we obtained the ÜA mark, namely the Austrian quality mark which confirms that our construction systems meet Austrian regulations and requirements in the field of prefabricated timber structures.