Custom Prefabricated Houses

Hiša Trebnje_012Every Rihter low-energy or passive prefabricated house is unique and is a living environment tailor-made especially for you. Regardless of whether you decide on a low-energy or passive prefabricated house, OUR HOUSE will show you the meaning quality living.

The construction of Rihter prefabricated houses is based on using wood as the basic construction material, which gives the living environment authenticity and warmth of nature. Compared to other basic construction materials wood makes your house even more pleasant and warm. A home where you will experience new happy moments of your life.

Hiše RihterOur guiding principle is adaptability, because we want to build your prefabricated house together with you, and take into account all your personal wishes and needs. Our adaptability is reflected in the plans and drawings, in the selection of materials and throughout the entire process of construction. This is the only way we can call it “OUR HOUSE” after it is finished. It is a house built with great joy and commitment, where you will live and create new moments.

Our company has developed several construction systems (Standard, Optimal, Optimal +, Pasiv, Pasiv + and Natura), which in terms of the materials used classify the house as energy efficient structures. In general, the houses can be divided into low-energy and passive houses in terms of the results. Besides saving energy, the materials that are built into the systems also ensure a comfortable and healthy living climate, because all systems (except for the ‘Standard’ system) have open diffusion, which enables the house “to breathe.”