Establishment and Development

Rihter was established in 1990 in Gornji Grad, Slovenia.

In 1993, the company started performing its main activity – building roofs and roofing work. This was the year of first employments, large investments, and efforts made by the owners.

After a few years of operation, we upgraded our main activity and complemented it with the activity that increased the added value and facilitated the company’s growth. We included the building of prefabricated timber houses into our production.

New Business and Production Premises

With the growth of the production and sales, the existing location soon became unsuitable for the development of the company. In the industrial zone in Ljubno ob Savinji, we built new business and production premises where we have been operating since 2002. During this time, we have introduced our products on foreign markets, which is very important for the expansion and the long-term existence of the company.

With hard work, diligence, and complete commitment to the customer, we have succeeded in ranking as one of the most recognised companies in the industry, and have expanded the sale of our prefabricated buildings to the markets of the European Union and Switzerland.