Frequently asked questions and advice from Rihter

WHAT is the warranty period for a built house?

All Rihter houses have 35 years of warranty for the structure and three years for the work performed.

WHEN are the price of the house and various additional payments agreed upon?

We make a special offer for each project which accurately specifies the work before the contract is signed, so you can clearly see what is included in the price. Because our offers are transparent and the possibility of choosing the value of individual materials, there are usually no additional payments.

Exceptions are cases where at the customer’s request we perform additional work or work with pricier materials – for which we prepare a separate offer in advance.

DO you build the house according to the customer’s design?

Rihter is renowned for quality custom buildings. Without knowledge and experience we are prepared to carry out even the most complex projects of the most renowned architectural firms. Of course, we also build houses according to plans that the customer defines together with the help of our architects. This is why practically every Rihter house is unique.

IS it possible to build a prefabricated house on the coast?

Rihter has extensive experience in constructing in areas with different climatic characteristics. We know how to adapt and recommend the correct selection of materials and a correct approach and method of construction in order for the house to comply with the most demanding climatic conditions and other characteristics of the environment where the house will be built.

Climatic conditions on the coast also demand adjusting the method of construction and the installed materials. Because of the northern to north-eastern katabatic “bora” wind, salt, and different temperature, the people in the Primorska region have a different approach to building.

Our company adapts to its clients, thus making a building that provides quality and comfortable living.

WHERE and HOW to start building a house?

It is best to contact our sales department. If you have any ideas and wishes for your home, we will know how to advise you. If you already have a sketch or even a drawing of your idea on how your dream home should look like (dimensions, room arrangement, etc.), our architects will be glad to help you finish the designs and prepare an exact offer.