Identity Card

Rihter is a company specializing in making houses and buildings tailor-made for the customer.

The company’s primary activities are developing, manufacturing, and building passive and low-energy prefabricated houses and the upgrading of existing buildings and roofs. All Rihter houses are unique, and custom-made according to the client’s wishes, regardless of which building they choose.

Let “OUR HOUSE” become your home.

A house, which upon completion of the construction work becomes the customer’s home is such an important and unique experience it must provide more than merely the basic criteria of living. A new living environment is not only a roof over your head (for an entire family), but also represents a certain style of living. Therefore, we advise the customer in their search for the optimal final solution and lead them throughout the entire process from the first idea until they move into the new home and “OUR HOUSE.”

Environmentally Friendly and Energy-Saving Buildings

Our buildings are built from environmentally friendly materials, using mainly timber as the basic construction material. This introduces a natural, healthy, and pleasant way of living into the residential environment.

All our buildings are made according to energy saving standards, which means low environmental burden and large savings in heating costs.