lepljen-lesThe main construction materials in Rihter houses is approximately 15 percent moisture-dried, shaved on four sides, longitudinally glued pine tree or fir tree wood. It is used for external and for internal walls, as well as for ceilings and roofing. Glued laminated timber is used for wooden components exposed to effects of weather. This provides higher stability and prevents the occurrence of larger cracks. The glued laminated timber is also used for components required for the structural stability of the house, such as columns, girders and other individual structural components. If visible, these components can also have an aesthetic function in the room. If structurally demanding structures are required, which cannot be achieved with wood, we use suitable steel profiles. A steel profile is mainly used for constructing a ceiling above a large room where the span is too large for wood and the investor does not wish to use support columns in between. We build the structure of the house in accordance with all the requirements of structural engineering calculations which our company makes for every house separately.


plosce-hisa-rihterFor horizontal stability of houses in wind and earth quakes, use of covering boards is essential for the framework wooden panel system. All Rihter construction systems have a wooden load-bearing structure covered with covering boards. The type of covering boards depends on the Rihter construction system, the two main covering boards are highly load-bearing OSB boards and plaster fibre boards. Plaster cardboards with improved fire resistance are used as internal covering boards for covering walls and ceilings. In humid rooms, such as bathrooms, moisture resistant plaster cardboards are used. At the investor’s request, the internal covering boards can be partially or completely replaced with a wooden covering.


izolacija-hisa-rihterRihter houses are very well thermally insulated and thus energy-saving. Besides good thermal insulation, using thermal insulation materials from rock wool also ensures high fire resistance of the Rihter construction systems. Rock wool is used for insulating external and internal walls, ceilings, and roofs. In all construction systems, except for the Standard system, rock wool is also used as a facade insulation. The Natura construction system which is made only of natural materials, uses light wood fibre boards for insulation. Besides good thermal insulation, using wood fibre boards on the facade also ensure a great phase delay shift of the heat transfer from the environment into the house.