The Construction Process

Rihter_Ljubno-trava1_021The path that must be walked from the first idea of a dream house to making this dream a reality can be very demanding for an individual.

From the first idea about a dream house, to making this dream a reality is a path that demands a series of activities necessary for successful, timely, and coordinated work. It is important that the path is as short as possible, and that you walk it as straightforward as possible.

In order to ensure that the path to your goal is not too steep, that you don’t steer away from it, and to avoid unpredictable complications, we want you to become familiar with the path before taking it. At our company, we will make sure that our joint path towards the goal – completing “OUR HOUSE” created according to your wishes and needs – is as easy as possible. Let “OUR HOUSE” become your home.

Next step: Signing a contract

Signing a contract | Preparing shop drawings | Making the foundation slab | Constructing the pre-assembled part | Handover of the building