Signing a contract

podpis-pogodbe-rihterRihter operates based on fulfilling individual desires, which means the company adapts to your wishes completely.

  • The following affects the final pricing: the chosen system, architectural design, the individual materials selected, and the chosen stage of construction.
  • Before signing a contract, based on your desires, requirements, and in accordance with the site plan information, we prepare an offer in accordance with the conceptual drawing of the house or according to the received plans.
  • The contract is concluded when all data related to the performance of the Rihter prefabricated house has been agreed upon – by signing it you become a valued customer of “OUR HOUSE.”
  • There are no surprises down the road, except if additional work is performed at the customer’s request, for which we prepare an offer that the customer confirms in advance.


Next step: Preparing shop drawings


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