Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Our desire is a flexible company with an adjustable vision that knows how to respond to changes as fast as the circumstances demand.

In the past, our company has faced numerous challenges, so today we can reliably say that we have acquired plenty of experience, knowledge, and know-how which are integrated in the form of new ideas into the long-term strategy for our company’s development.

Our Mission

Our mission is responsibility to the wider social environment. We are actively integrating our company into the individual levels of society where we can have a positive effect on its harmonious and successful development.

Social and financial security of our employees are not enough, the security of all legal entities that work with our company is also of key importance. Long-term, this means developing a company that knows how to harmonise the expectations of employees, business partners, owners, and the wider environment.

Our Goals

The main guiding principle that leads to Rihter’s goals is adaptability to users who are our greatest asset. Each project is based on cooperating with the customer and taking into account their individual wishes and needs. Thus, we establish a partnership relationship with our client, plan and design the final solutions, and set the goal together.

Our Long-Term Policies

In our work, we strive towards long-term policies, which are:

  • To implement new systems and organisations at the company on the way to business excellence,
  • To increasing sales of individual programmes,
  • Continuous improvements of existing systems,
  • To develop new directions and systems of construction,
  • Constant internal and external development of employees,
  • Cooperation with external expert advisers and institutions.